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Kamis, 02 April 2009

How to Earn Money Online with Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is about using the computer and software to create documents, flyers, newsletter, brochures, book and other publications for commercial purpose.

If you know about desktop publishing and like to be creative, think about starting an Internet business with desktop publishing. There are no expensive machines you have to buy to start making money with desktop publishing. All the documents are created using one or two software in your computer and printed out using your color printer. So, you can begin with small capital and build it up gradually.

There are demands for desktop publishing service. A lot of people want to create creative documents, brochures and other publications using computer but they don't know how to create one themselves. So, you can make money by providing them your desktop publishing service.

What skills are needed?

Since everything is done using the computer. You need to be able to use several types of software programs for desktop publishing and possess some design skills. It will be even better if you have natural talent on this area.

What equipments are needed?

You will of course need a computer and below are other tools you must possess as well:

  • Desktop publishing software
  • Photo editing program
  • Printer (laser or color)
  • Scanner
  • Good quality paper for printing
Once you obtain all the above necessary tools, it is time to start your desktop publishing business.

The first important thing you need to do is find a niche you want to target on. You will be putting your marketing efforts into this single niche to make money with desktop publishing.

You are going to need to build a website to market your desktop publishing service to the selected niche. Your website should look professional and include samples of your work to show your expertise in this field to your target prospects.

How to get your target prospects to visit your website and check out your service?

This will involve the use of Internet marketing methods:

Pay per click advertising - The method that can give you instant target prospects is pay per click (PPC) advertising. With PPC advertising, you will pay each time a targeted visitor is sent to your from PPC search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It is a good method for getting targeted visitors for short term. But, you shouldn’t rely on it for long run as it can be very expensive to you.

Press release - You may hire someone to write a press release about the service you are offering and then submit the press release to news sites. It may bring in some clients for your business.

Article marketing - There are large traffic article directories that will publish your articles. Keep on writing articles related to your service and publish them on the article directories. This way, more people will know about your business and click the link in the resource box of your articles to learn more about your offer.

Other than using your website to get potential clients, you may also join those freelance bidding websites (guru.com and elance.com). These freelance sites have an online marketplace for freelance projects and jobs; and new opportunities are posted everyday. So, they may be good places for you to find more desktop publishing work.

Linkshowoff.com - Get Paid for Showing Text Links

For those of you who own a new blog or website, it will be nice if your website or blog can make some extra money for you to cover your web hosting cost.

I have come across a fairly new text link marketplace called Linkshowoff which allows you to sell text links on your site or blog. The process of selling links through Linkshowoff is simple and requires only little effort on your part.

All that you need to do is sign up as a publisher of Linkshowoff. Your site will then be listed on the directory of Linkshowoff. The advertisers will come and visit Linkshowoff's directory. If they found that your site is fit for buying text links, they will pay you to display a text link on your site.

The advertisers’ text links that display on your site will carry the 'nofollow' attribute. So, you don't need to worry that Google will penalize your site because of selling text links.

The minimum payout is $10. Once you have earned that amount, you can request payment makes to your PayPal account.

Linkshowoff also has a referral system that rewards you for referring new webmaster and blogger to join Linkshowoff. You will be paid $3 for every referral that earns $3.

Blogging for Cash - Work Less and Earn Less

I have been blogging for more than 2 years and recently started to feel bored and tire on blogging. I have worked lesser for this blog for the past few weeks and hope that both my traffic and income can be maintained. But thing doesn't go as I wish. Because I didn't publish as much content as I usually do and put lesser effort on SEO. As a result, I experienced a quite serious drop in Google Rankings for several keywords. My traffic decreased more than 20% and makes lesser money from this blog.

And now, I didn't feel like I want to brings back my Google rankings and recover my traffic and income level. With the traffic now, I still make enough for my living. Moreover, I have found another way to make money recently. It is quite an interesting way of making money but has nothing to do with the Internet. I now feel like want to focus more on this than blogging. I have switched some of my time and effort from blogging to this new way of making money and have got some good result. If thing continues to go well, I will make far more than blogging. But, because I still in the testing stage, so I didn't want to reveal it here yet.

On the other hand, it is not easy to make money blogging on long term. Once you have built up consistent traffic for a blog, you must continue to publish new blog posts regularly. This is to ensure your traffic can grow from time to time. If you publish lesser blog posts every week, you will find your traffic keep on failing. So, you have to keep your content publication frequency in order to survive in blogging for long term. You must be willing to do research to get content ideas and write for your blog regularly. Getting content ideas and publishing blog posts on an ongoing basis will be a tough challenge to you if you want to make money blogging for long term.

For this blog, I still will publish articles that are useful for making money online. But, because I have other thing to focus on, the blog posts and articles that publish here will be slightly lesser. Occasionally, I still will do some blog marketing and SEO to recover some of my traffic. And, I finally I would hope to stop blogging in the third quarter of next year. It’s just too boring and tire to blog for long term to me.

More Earning Opportunities in Smorty.com

Smorty has been in business for sometime. It is another pay-per-post blog network where any blogger can get involved and make money by publishing paid post on their blog.

It seems that Smorty is doing well; it's blog network is growing bigger and bigger and attracting more advertisers to pay bloggers in the network for writing paid post.

Recently, Smorty has introduced another income stream to bloggers. It is called Digxa mini store link advertising. The name may sound weire to you but it actually works quite simple.

When you join Smorty and opt to make money with their Digxa mini store link advertising system, you will be instructed to place a code on your blog. Then, the system will automatically find suitable keywords in the content of your blog and underline those keywords. If a visitor points the mouse over an underline keyword, a mini store banner will showcase a few products. If the visitor clicks on a product link, you will earn a share of advertising revenue.

Learn more about Smorty here.

Free Resources Helpful for Making Money Online - 27th Aug 2008

Some free resources that might help you:

This site is offering a free course about how to make money online with e-books. The course will take you through the entire process of creating your own e-book product and market it on the Internet to make money.

Listing Building Report
You probably need to build a list if you run an online business. The report titled 'The Seven Secrets to Building a List' which can be downloaded in www.map4cash.com will provide you some good methods for building an email list that is profitable to your business.

Exposive Traffic System
Are you earning income through a website or blog? If yes, I'm sure you are interested to learn any free techniques of generating traffic to your website so that you can make the most from your site. The e-book 'Exposive Traffic System' focuses specifically on the topic of traffic-generating. So, you may want to read this e-book to get more ideas of increasing your traffic.

How to Make Money Online by Coaching Others

A coach is a person who has know-how knowledge or special skill in a particular field and sharing it other people what want to achieve success in that particular field as well. Coaches can be an expert at anything from writing to marketing to business itself.

Many people have good knowledge at something or experience in a particular field. If you are one of them who are expert at an area, you can become a coach and earn money sharing your knowledge. On the Internet, there are a lot of coaches who help others in web design, graphic design, Internet marketer, SEO and many more.

There are a few important things you must have to become a coach and make money online. Firstly, you must have the ability to be a good listener. And patience is also needed when guiding your clients. Those people that hire you to become their coach would expect you to listen to their bad experiences and help guide them out of the muck they find themselves in no matter how strange they may sound.

To establish good reputation and credibility in the coaching business, you should know your field well. If you haven't done Internet marketing before, then being an Internet marketing coach isn't a good idea, because you don't possess real experience in this field and your students will find out that quickly.

The tools required for starting a coaching business are a computer, an email program, a website that sells your service, a shopping cart for receiving payment and telephone line dedicated for this business. There will be a lot of conversations occurring between you and your students. Both the email program and the phone line are set up for this purpose.

To start your coaching business, you need to first write a plan. Decide what coaching service you want to offer. Obviously, you will want to become a coach in the field that you have excellent knowledge in.

Then, set up a sale website to market your service. Describe exactly what service you are providing. Publish some good articles and content related to your field. This can help build credibility and expert status for your business.

Your website should also tell how much you will be charging. If possible include some positive testimonials from others who have tried your services to increase your chance of getting clients. Make your site look professional and clean; and also the navigation links of your site should be as simple as possible.

Once your sale website launched, you are ready to do business. You will want as many potential clients as possible come to your website and check out your offer so that you can make sales. Starting several Internet marketing campaigns such as pay-per-click advertising, article marketing and press release are some good ideas to market your service to your potential clients.

Not every potential client who comes to your site will participate in your coaching program. In fact, you may find that the majority of your potential clients don’t sign up your coaching program on the first visit on your site. Since they are your potential clients, you should find a way to collect their contact information before they leave your site so that you can later persuade them to sign up your program.

Perhaps offering your potential clients a free mini course on your website is a good way to collect their email contact information. Those who find you mini course good may go ahead and sign up your coaching program. Others whom take no action after the finish of the mini course may one day become your clients because you have got the email address where you can communicate with them often to build up good relationship and entice them to join your coaching program.

Free 17 Videos Show you How to Get Search Engine Visitors

Keith Baxter's new video series 'The Kingspoint Project' has load of content and tips that can help you generate a steady flow of search engine traffic.

Keith himself has done a good job on getting search engine traffic to his sites and earn a good income from those traffic. In his video tutorial series, he is going to show you exactly step by step how you can also generate natural search traffic to your site or blog and see these traffic convert into income.

You'll learn most of the aspects of search engine optimization that are important for getting your site ranking high in search engines and enjoying free search engine traffic.

All these video tutorials are 100% free and can be accessed here.

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